This committee’s mission is to promote research, advice on how to continue research and provide guidance with research methodology/grant writing. This is a committee that was created in February, 2020 as a part of 沙巴体育 Cell.


How to approach

·??????? Your department office has the Grant Clinic Application Form. (PDF attachment)

·??????? It is mandatory to fill it completely and send it to 沙巴体育 Cell.

·??????? You can also send the full proposal that you have already written planning for a grant (if you have it) for better evaluation of your case.

·??????? Grant consultants volunteer for the requested appointment based on their expertise and availability on the closest Mon/Fri/Sat between 2:30-5:00 p.m.

·??????? Occasionally, an expert is invited for his/her advice if necessary. We highly discourage last minute applications, as they are under-evaluated due to lack of time and/or consultant unavailability.

Kinds of help provided

We can help you in choosing a suitable Grant to apply for if you are unsure, advice to improve your grant proposal writing and guide you to the right place(s) or person(s) where you can find relevant information.

Who can approach

Person writing the grant (Interested faculty/ Post doctorate/ Ph.D. student / PG student)

The follow-up process

You should attend the appointment along with the main PI. Attendance of CO-I is optional.

Meetings are held as required. Update on any form etc. is done routinely. Appointments are addressed at the earliest after the application is received.

After completion of appointment the applicant fills a feedback form. This helps us to improve our future performances.


Office address and contact person


沙巴体育 Cell,

KMC, 沙巴体育


Phone: 22540

For queries (via 沙巴体育 Cell only) - Dr.?Rama Rao Damerla, Ph. No. 9989955566;

Application has to send to and forwarded to to arrange for the appointment day, time and location.